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Thank you Dave for all of the help and laughs over the last few months. You’ve made me feel so comfortable while learning and got me feeling nice and ready for my test. Many thanks for being so flexible with slotting my test into your diary, it meant everything!
Thank you so much Dave!!


Dave was recommended to me  by a friend of mine after failling my 1st test,  Dave built my confidence up so much and making me feel safe and comfortable when driving. Dave is  a very  kind person and  I can’t thank him enough.and I passed my test 1st time with Dave.


I could not recommend Dave enough! He is the most patient and caring driving instructor and always puts your needs first. He gives good techniques which are easy to understand. Hand on heart, I am so lucky to have had him as my driving instructor and anyone would be lucky to meet him!



Dave was recommended to me by some friends who he helped pass first time and all thanks to him I passed my test with a clean sheet  no minors!

Dave was always very patient with me on my lessons even when I let my nerves get the better of me he never let me give up and helped me gain the confidence in myself that helped me pass. I honestly couldn’t recommend Dave enough, he’s so kind and always goes out of his way for his students.

Very highly recommend Dave to anyone wanting to learn to drive he’s the best!

Thanks Dave I couldn’t have done it without you ! X 


I started learning to drive with Dave after my cousin, who passed with him, told me about him.

Dave was my second driving instructor and he has helped me so much. Dave was always patient with me and always took time to explain things to me and help build my confidence up. I cannot recommend Dave enough. He always tried to accommodate my work/uni pattern to get me as many lessons as I needed and even gave me lessons when he wasn’t meant to be working. Dave was always friendly but professional and made me feel comfortable in the car and in my ability to drive.
Thank you for all your help Dave, it means so much to me to have finally passed my test, and thank you for all the mints and lovely chats! X


Thank you so much Dave for helping me pass my driving test first time, you made me feel so relaxed and comfortable around you and never made me feel bad for making a mistake, i couldn’t of done it without you will definitely be recommending you to other people!x


I have been learning with Dave for the best part of a year and finally passed my test first time! I was referred to him by my cousins who both also passed first time too! (All in Sidcup)

Dave is a top man and is always supportive when you make small mistakes and helps you gain confidence as an independent driver. I would recommend Dave to absolutely anybody looking to take driving lessons as his method of teaching is unmatched.

Thank you very much Dave for helping me out and getting me on the road! Couldn’t have done it without you thanks Dave.



I’ve been learning to drive with Dave since May. He was recommended to me by a family friend. Thanks to Dave, I passed my driving test first time in Sidcup ( November ).

Dave always goes out of his way to look after his students, never shouting or getting frustrated for making mistakes, and as a result I quickly and confidently learned how to drive. The level of teaching he provides is amazing. I always looked forward to my driving lessons because Dave found ways to make them fun, cracking the odd joke here and there. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone, looking for a driving instructor
Thank you so much Dave, it’s really been a pleasure being taught by you x


Dave has always been very patient with me throughout all of my driving lessons.
Dave always stayed calm and would help you succeed and always made you feel comfortable.
I would 100% recommended Dave in the future, to anyone that wants to learn to drive
Thank you for Everything Dave ! X


I started driving  with  Dave last year around November. Dave was  easy to get along with, and  was  really helpful, and understanding and he put me at ease so quickly!! Dave gave me so much confidence.

I’m naturally quite a nervous person but I passed my test within a year. I’m so happy with my progress as a driver and a person  and I couldn’t have done it without Dave :))

Thank you so much Dave x


Where do I start, Dave has been amazing from the get go. As soon as I had that first lesson with him my confidence grew and came on leaps and bounds. He wasn’t just my driving instructor but my friend too. He was always re assuring and patient which made the lessons much more enjoyable. I couldn’t recommend Dave enough! He has been truly outstanding and I won’t be able to thank him enough! Look no further than dave if you want lessons, he’s amazing!



With Dave’s support I passed my driving test first time with 5 minors! This was definitely something that I was not expecting as I was very nervous but throughout my lessons especially the ones up to my test, Dave was very accommodating with helping me with the stuff I was less confident with and also very calming though all my lessons ensuring I was ok at all times even when I went wrong. He is one of the kindest people i’ve met and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. I couldn’t have done this without Dave and I recommend dave 1000% over anyone else! X


After struggling with my driving for a little while I finally stumbled across Dave. I can honestly say Dave is an amazing driving instructor. Very patient with me and reassured me, making me feel at ease. He always made me feel comfortable learning, and would always make sure I’m alright throughout my lessons. I’ve gained so much confidence after learning to drive with Dave and I passed my test with only two minors! I highly recommend Dave to anyone and everyone learning to drive👍🏽 xx


Thanks so much for everything you’ve done for me Dave I couldn’t of passed my driving test without you.

It’s been a very  long road but I finally got there in the end and I’m so happy.
Passing my driving test changes everything for my family.

My Mum & Dad  my Wife and my Daughter,  all said thank you so much as well, for putting up with me lol. Cheers mate 👍


I passed my driving test with 4 minors, my first time taking it! When I say I couldn’t of asked for a better instructor to help me with learning to drive! Dave made me feel so comfortable when I was learning, he made sure I was always alright and always reassured me when I was nervous. Dave was always patient and calm and he would always tell me to go at my own speed which calmed me down. On my first lesson I was so nervous but by the time I was home I couldn’t wait for my next one. Dave always made sure I was comfortable when driving and would always keep me at ease, even when mistakes where made he always told me it was okay and made sure I was okay multiple times which would always make me smile and feel better. When I say hand on heart I couldn’t of done it without Dave by my side it’s very true. I appreciate all the time and effort Dave put into helping me. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and I couldn’t be more grateful to you! I highly recommend Dave as he is kind and thoughtful and is an amazing instructor and will always be his chatty self which makes you feel so much better, especially in a new experience which is very nerve-wracking. Thank you for everything Dave xxx


Parents of Emily Adamson

Dave was introduced to us via a recommendation. We cannot stress enough how good an instructor he is as well as being so nice and accommodating. From the outset of contacting him we got a lesson in place very quickly as we were flexible. For her first lesson he picked her up from school and was security conscious and made sure to text her and let her know which vehicle he was in etc. Her safety was paramount.

The good thing for us was that lessons were different days and times which meant she could always get a regular lesson. Dave established a rapport with her from the outset was always so encouraging and made her very comfortable. He also liaised with her rather than us in relation to lessons which again we thought very helpful.

We trusted Dave from the outset and she came on leaps and bounds. He was calm and always encouraging and treated her with respect – he never got cross with her or made her upset. We cannot thank Dave enough for his hard work; his determination for her to succeed and his continued praise and confidence in her. Highly recommend Dave.


Thanks to my driving instructor Dave for getting me through my test. He’s the best. Very professional, friendly and patient instructor. I highly recommend him. Thanks Dave


I have been learning with Dave for around 2 years now and I could not recommend a better driving instructor. I had a few push backs with learning how to drive due to my nerves being through the roof and was getting to the point where I wanted to give up, but Dave didn’t let me and I’m so glad that he didn’t because I’ve now passed my test with just 3 minors! Dave has made me feel so comfortable and at ease and has always reassured me that I can do it. I’ve always looked forward to my lessons with Dave, he made driving become very natural for me. I am so happy that I waited those few months for Dave to start driving lessons with me as it was so worth it and I highly recommend him for lessons!

Thank you for everything Dave, I am so grateful to have had you reassuring me the whole time xx


Dave made me feel so comfortable, after having bad experiences with previous driving instructors it was so nice to finally find someone who is so kind and wants to see you do well. I couldn’t of asked for more, Dave was so patient with me and taught me ways I will remember forever, I really wouldn’t of been able to do this without him and would recommend him to anyone! He was also very flexible with me regarding lessons and fitting me in, he really went above and beyond for me! The best driving instructor hands down, it really was a pleasure being taught by Dave.

Lilly x


I did it!!!!
I passed first time with 4 minors. Hand on heart, I couldn’t have wished for a better driving instructor. Dave was recommended to me by my sister whom he had taught to drive and she passed first time. He taught members of my family and friends and they also passed first time. I had always heard such good things and couldn’t wait to start my lessons with him.

When I met Dave I understood why good things were said because Dave is very patient and he has a kind nature. I would look forward to my lessons with him. I have always felt comfortable with Dave and at ease, even when I’ve made mistakes. He has good techniques to help you drive and park, Dave is an experienced driving instructor.
Dave is not only a good driving instructor he is also a friend.

Thank you so much Dave, I couldn’t have done it with out you by my side.


Still can’t believe it  I passed . My driving test first time, all thanks to Dave. He has been amazing & I can’t thank Dave  enough for helping me, start this new journey. We always had a laugh and a joke & never did he once shout or make me feel nervous, I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive but also have a laugh at the same time. Thanks for sticking around and helping me, I couldn’t of done it without you.
Once again thanks Dave xxx


Dave has been really patient and calm with me throughout my driving lessons, even though I could be a pain occasionally by not checking my mirrors. Dave always stayed patient and wanted me to succeed.

He has been a massive help during my time with him and he has really allowed me to excel in my lessons. Dave’s calm and professional manner made learning to drive really comfortable and gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test.

Thanks Dave for everything. I’m going to miss our 7am starts!


Sam & Les Davis
Tom’s Mum & Dad

Dave was recommended to us by a family member. He is a fantastic driving instructor. He is friendly, calm, caring, very patient & passionate about teaching.

What a good choice!! We highly recommend!!

Thomas passed his driving test after 20 months. No fault of his own, due to covid, lockdowns & long delays in getting a test date, however, Dave was supportive throughout.

Thomas has thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Dave.

Once our daughter turns 17 we will be calling Dave straight away!!

Thanks once again Dave for all your help in getting Thomas on the road.

Sam & Les Davis




Passed my driving test first time all thanks to Dave!
Dave taught my older sister & she passed 1st time aswell so highly recommend him. Dave is so kind and supportive and teaches so well! And whenever I did something wrong he wouldn’t get upset or shout at me, we would just work on how we were going to go on and to improve it! Such a great driving instructor and helps you feel at ease! Thankyou so much Dave I am so grateful I couldn’t have done it without you!.


Wow what a driving instructor ,Dave is such a lovely guy very chatty makes you feel comfortable straight away and puts trust and confidence into your driving top man ✅ thanks  a lot Dave !!!


Thanks for all your help with my driving in the last few months Dave Even through all the chaos with the tests and things I’m glad you stuck around to help with everything and make sure I was okay during all of this. Many thanks for taking me to the test on your day off as well! I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks Dave!


Kathryn Corona Mum

…. We have been so lucky to have found Dave as an Instructor, he has helped us with 2 of our children passing their tests, our son 5 years ago and now our daughter has just passed quickly and first time. Not only was he a fantastic instructor but he has been so kind and so helpful when we had difficulties with the recent test slots and problems booking etc. He went above and beyond to help us in every way possible on many occasions. We feel very lucky to have found such a good instructor and lovely person in Dave. Our very grateful thanks , from The Grants